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VHS Slaughter (2023)

A normal every day university student is working at the local VHS Store trying to make some extra bucks to support him and his family. Until one, seemingly boring, night made a quick turn to a nightmare when he found an abandoned tape outside the shop.  Out of curiosity he decided to play it and see what's inside.

His life was never the same.

VHS Slaughter is a game attempting to recreate the atmosphere of VHS 80's films and classic PSX horror games.


  • Short horror experience (About 40 minutes)
  • Atmosphere reminiscent of classic Slasher movies and PSX games
  • Immersive sound design and ambience (Pause Menu won't help you)
  • Multiple Endings
  • Bloody fun in VHS form


  • -WASD ~ Movement
  • Shift ~ Run
  • -Right Click ~ Zoom in
  •  E ~ Interact



Art by: https://twitter.com/Musor18328506


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VHS_SlaughterWIN.zip 387 MB
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VHS_SlaughterLIN.zip 418 MB
[CREDITS].txt 1 kB


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El asesino serial al asecho

Good Game! 

A Week Of Terror Turns To Murder


First guy in the yellow shirt is just perpetually moonwalking in place outside the front door. Literally can't even play the game.


I enjoyed playing this game a lot. I will be looking at more from this creator.



Good Job


Awesome retro styled horror game.  Loved the ending.


This game was very interesting & super fun! I LOVED the atmosphere & aesthetic of this game since it reminded me of the 80s

I highly recommend this game 馃槉


hi ,, i like the aesthetic ,, maybe we can make a collaboration !!

(1 edit) (+1)

I played this a couple months ago, and really liked how it was set up, and felt the tension was solid, but just...never led to any significant payoff.


First Video of my channel!!

I really like your style and way of telling a story, had a good time playing this one! One of those rare instances where you can understand the slaughterer's motives, a bit of a morally grey area.

I am still curious if one of our VHS Store patrons was the one who was leaving the tapes, did we meet them?

I hope to see more stories take place in Firemore, such an interesting town full of very interesting people..
Thank you for this experience! 


Thank you for your kind words <3


As fan of slasher of 80s,i liked this game pretty much,its really gives this kind of atmosphere and vibes of good-old slashers,nice work at recrating this atmosphere,5\5


So cool ! I love it :D




Very scary


enjoying the game so far! only major trouble is when i read the notes left on the work table it locks my mouse and i can only look slightly to one side and completely down at the floor. Trying to look another direction is like hitting a wall


Good buildup but I felt like the ending was a little lackluster. 

Loved the game


is it just my game's NPCs that get stuck at one place for a long time


I loved every second of the game


I'm a huge fan of these late shift worker horror games.  Gas stations, laundromats, Video stores, burger joints, what ever, I love em.  This one was really well executed.  Great story and kept me on edge the entire time :)  I look forward to seeing more for your games in the future.


Liked the style of this game! Only minor complaint is the sensitivity

Really enjoyed this game, atmosphere was fantastic!

This was cool! I liked the way everything played except for the fact that you have to go through the entire game again to get another ending. But besides that I really enjoyed it!

Great environmental feel. Was always paranoid that something or someone was watching me. 

Game starts at about 9 minutes in.  

This game was pretty fun but that ending really had me feeling like it was a waste of time

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J'obtiens un travail dans un club vid茅o ou l'on fait la location de VHS . A chaque soir ce d茅roule des trucs tr猫s bizarre.

Great game! Love it!

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very good game yes game was, little loud for the ears but what can you do!

oh and here is part 2

Very fun short horror game. Pacing was fantastic and kept me in suspense the ENTIRE game. Ending was a little lacklustre but otherwise everything was amazing!

i want to check it out really bad but for some reason the mouse speed is terribly slow. 

Is this supposed to be this slow ?

I think so because it was the same for me. Awfully slow.


Great little game here...until the ending. The pacing was well done, the dread and paranoia that grows as you play is something that cannot be ignored. BUT! It all comes crashing down when you get to that ending. You get to the great big "choice" that results in a black screen with text, regardless of what you choose. Then the game just ends, just like that. It was a steaming pile of shite on top of a beautiful strawberry sundae. Nevertheless, because I refuse to claim the game is bad off of that alone, I am going to stick this with a 6/10. I still recommend it, but just know that it does NOT pay off.

awesome game! good stuff

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