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VHS Slaughter (2023)

A normal every day university student is working at the local VHS Store trying to make some extra bucks to support him and his family. Until one, seemingly boring, night made a quick turn to a nightmare when he found an abandoned tape outside the shop.  Out of curiosity he decided to play it and see what's inside.

His life was never the same.

VHS Slaughter is a game attempting to recreate the atmosphere of VHS 80's films and classic PSX horror games.


  • Short horror experience (About 40 minutes)
  • Atmosphere reminiscent of classic Slasher movies and PSX games
  • Immersive sound design and ambience (Pause Menu won't help you)
  • Multiple Endings
  • Bloody fun in VHS form


  • -WASD ~ Movement
  • Shift ~ Run
  • -Right Click ~ Zoom in
  •  E ~ Interact



Art by: https://twitter.com/Musor18328506


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VHS_SlaughterLIN.zip 418 MB
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What a short little game! I had fun playing it, but i ran into alot of bugs :D

THIS GAMES REALLY COOL! i like the art style the characters are decent the location is top notch and the storys not bad

if you want to check out my full playthrough of this here it is

if you checked it out i appreciate you and thank you for reading this regardless

Had a lot of fun with this one! Made me feel like I was in the 90's minus the crazy VHS tapes...


it really is a very good game, very cool plot despite being repetitive in some scenes, I would like the lore to be a little more explained, it would be even better

very good

I thought this game was made very well. Watching the VHS tapes was very scary and disturbing and I think it made the game a lot creepier. Wished maybe the people were made a little better but that's about it! I enjoyed this game a lot. 


Just got creepier and creepier. Good work on this one!

works surprisingly well on my laptop, 10/10 I recommend playing this game.

This game creeped me out. The atmosphere and the tension worked really well in this. It did bug out on me so I had to restart the game but I still thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Here's my gameplay of it:

unplayable bugged out at the second customer shuffling and glitching to the ground.

good game, fulfilled its purpose of being a horror game, I played with my friends watching and everyone was scared in many moments, even without those exaggerated jumpscares, good stalker game, nice story, I just missed a better explanation at the end , but good game, I recommend
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Does not work. After I go past the counter in the shop at the very beginning of the game, my movement becomes very restricted. I cannot turn to the shelves or the desk on the left, I can basically only face the wall with the couch and back door and move parallel to that wall, so pretty much I can't do anything.
That's often the issue with many Unity-based games - something's wrong with the movement, they don't react properly to the mouse. There should be a possibility to turn left/right/up/down using keyboard too, not only the mouse.

Ah, and there seem to be not any option to exit the game? I am stuck as I described and there's no way to exit the game, I have just to kill the process.

So many feelings during this game, hopefully i got to show the story you had in mind for this game! I had a blast and enjoyed it 

I got to live out my childhood dream of working at Blockbusters.

I will now have nightmares forever.

Wow that was an enthralling experience!! The characters, the endings, the sound fx, the plot! I look forward to whatever comes next!!

can’t be opened on a MacBook Pro 2020, running MacOS 12.6

I loved playing this game. Especially with the gambit of character you encounter along the way. I'm definitely going to try out more of your games in the future!


I don't know if I'm the only one who has this problem but when I open up the file on MacOS it says this file can't open.

honestly bro 6.5/10 not the most scary thing ever but the vhs tapes did give me goosebumps. my vid on it

The game was actually pretty good very scary sounds used when activating the VHS tapes.

This was a very enjoyable game to play. Really enjoyed how dev didn't really on jumpscares to get the player but rather let the atmosphere and situations do it themselves. Keeps you nervous expecting the worst the entire time.  Check out the video for the full gameplay!  

Thought the Game was really cool

That was really enjoyable. I loved the way the store looked, it was super bright and welcoming. I do wish that more happened throughout the game though, it felt very slow at times. Good stuff !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

I was surprised I didn't get chased at some point, but the scares where a lot more subtle. I was hoping the cctv would be used though lol 

He aquí mi aporte en español, espero les guste :D

when the second customer enter the vhs store he bug and walk while sleeping on ground hope you fix that bug or tell me what to do , thanks you

i have the same problem, hope you find an answer

The game takes alot of inspiration from other games . Also, I do remember playing a game in the same VHS store . I believe it was poop killer but I might be wrong. The whole time I was waiting to be chased but the ending did surprise me .


Listen - as the best TV-headed creator on YouTube, I think you all might wanna check this one out. 

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This game was somewhat intense. I was surprised that I wasn't chased, or in a survival situation. It was more of a really subtle and eerie experience. I really liked the unique pace of it, and the great use of ambience.

Gameplay não comentado!

was really hoping i got chased lol

A really cool game I enjoyed playing it :) 


This game is just full of stress. But I mean that ending was unexpected. 


More games like this

I accidentally broke the game not just once, but few times, so I could not complete it XD 

I love the atmosphere of this game.  I wonder if there is a good ending. Wish enjoy my gameplay :)


great game bruv 

I'm ngl, I probably got the bad ending. 10/10 Game Bruu! 👵

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