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The story revolves around a man investigating the murder of his family. He finds himself trapped in a single room, unable to leave with the only option presented with him to move forward. Doing so unravels a sinister plot revolving around a cultist radio play, the true nature of man, and his relation to others in the digital age.


- WASD ~ Movement

- Right Click ~ Zoom in


Try to find clues inside the room and by zooming in solve the puzzles


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TransmissionLin.rar 152 MB


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This was really good, was not expecting the rooms to open up the way they did! Loved the sounds and the visuals! Good job! 

this game sent me to tiptoe through the tulips song at the end tf good game

Awesome experience, can't wait to see the full game. I had a difficult time in the begining but it's cool. Great spooky  ambience

pretty cool game very spooky and intresting.


Ahh yes this game was quite intense 

This was a cool horror game!  I played this as a part of a 3 scary games video I did. Game starts at 0:30.

where is the next of the videogame?

after the bathroom step, I 'm just kicked out to a youtube video.. how to play the rest?

Looking forward to know soon the rest of the story..

ps :

in which language is it developped? how long does it took to realise a such project?

thank you

I think it was dark and nice.

This was creepy, good job!!!! 

For a short demo, the developer left me wanting more. Also, the dev didn't resort to any easy loud jumpscares, and brought a very unsettling atmosphere that any horror fan would appreciate. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the full release.

Thank you for your kind words. Comments like these really motivate me to keep working on the game and deliver the best game I possibly can. Stay awesome <3


Pretty basic but interesting concept, good work :)

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Very interesting angle and a captivating story. Well done in how I have to move from one room to another, back and forth. There's also a lot of fine detail in all sorts of objects, that make them come to life. Big thumbs up and kudos to all involved.

2 things I noticed;

1)  you claim it takes place  a single room, but because there's a door as a separation barrier, there are actually two rooms

2)  I can see the number of a clock through a closed wooden door.

Very interesting P.T. style demo. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Keep up the good work! 

Entire P.T. style atmosphere might be repetitive, I do understand it is a demo, although, the originality lacks less than content. Graphically good, the looks are just basic, mechanics, sound design, but the content, needs something different. 

Thank you for the great feedback! I need comments like these to help me improve the game and deliver the best possible experience.  Thanks for playing!

Very creepy I was expecting something to jump out at me.

I really like the game so far.

Thank you very much <3

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I really like the P.T style that this game had! I do NOT LIKE HOW YA'LL DID ME AT THE END XDDD Overall the jumpscares were nice and the game was spooky! Keep it up! (GAME 3)

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Haha thanks man appreciate it <3

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It was a very nice game as an atmosphere and the sounds were enough to scare me, I wish you success, Brom

Thanks man appreciate it <

Cool but too Short. 3/5

Thanks! It's just a demo anyway. The full game is going to be longer. Stay awesome <3

Nice game!

Hey thanks man!

hey i liked it ! it was nice but i was too dumb to realize that zooming triggered the next loop ! :D i hope you enjoy my video about it despite my horrible voice ! :D

Haha you are fast! Thanks for playing!

i get trigger happy when i see interesting horror games  :D