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On your way to Firemore you start feeling exhausted and dizzy. You decide you have to stop at the nearest motel to take some rest. Though what seemed as a quiet night at first quickly makes a turn to a hellish nightmare while you discover the unsettling and unnerving secrets of the town's past.

Welcome to Timberlodge Inn.


WASD ~ Movement

Mouse ~ Look

E ~ Interact

F ~ Flashlight

Right Click ~ Zoom

Made in 4ish days


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Me encanta el universo que estan creando junto con VHS Slaughter. Considero que les faltó optimizar la imagen de la televisión ya que solo con mirar en la dirección de la habitación mi juego se atoraba un poco. Fuera de eso, excelente juego! Muy recomendable

Great game!

It's ok but too short unfortunately 😉

Cool spooky game,moment when you heard voices of crowd and when you opened the door no one was there,was pretty disturbing moment,i liked both of games VHS Slaughter and this one,great story and atmosphere for short length,5\5

I played this one after VHS Slaughter and I liked it just as much! Your games have such a great aesthetic and interestingly bizarre stories.

Really enjoying Firemore and the strange characters around it. I am looking forward to more :)

really liked the game it had good gameplay and i felt emersed.

Really creepy short indie! Thanks

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After playing VHS Slaughter, I decided to come check out what else you guys had made, and I'm glad I did. I think its awesome that all this stuff is happening in the same universe, and just like VHS Slaughter, there didn't need to be any big jumpscares to keep you on edge. Looking forward to the next project.

I first played VHS Slaughter and then I came here. Like I said last time, great improvement from this to your latest game. This one is still pretty amazing!

that was a nice short game! i enjoy playing these indie horrors! if you care,a sub would mean alot

i will be playing a lot more games like this one.

Nice game !

This game made me feel anxious about opening the doors as I suspected jump scares.

Good solid horror game.

Got softlocked by opening a door on myself.

Great game. I liked it

Game was solid, hard to figure out but made it work out

Thanks for playing <3

Как буд-то в 90тые попал)

The game looked very good and was definitely well made, I just wish there were some better scares. All in all was pretty fun though.

Loved the game!


Nice game!


yooo, this game is so good but it too short

You can watch my video and sub to support me ;)

I love the check in guy lol.  Funny as hell, and really spooky



Haha thanks for playing!

really cool one:) 

Solid game that was pretty unsettling at parts, got lost a couple times but overrall enjoyed the experience

really good game but i didnt like the quick camera turns, but still good :) (2nd game)
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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't lost

Super jeu :)

Is there a way for it to not be fullscreen?


LOVED this little game! Would love a full game! here is my playthrough:

This makes me never want to stop at a motel on the road. I rather sleep in my car than ever stop at one of these places. The place freaked me out and now I pack a sleeping bag in my car

I really liked the unsettling atmosphere but I did get lost tryna trigger events. Overall, really good game. Gave me retro Puppet Combo vibes!

Game # 3 starts at 17:25


for this game being made in 4 days, very well done! The scares werent bone chilling scares and the end I thought there would be more but the atmosphere was very well set up and I enjoyed(gameplay starts at 6:46)

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definitely one of the more bizarre games I’ve played. It was a very enjoyable experience!! Good job!!


This game has a lot pf potential and can could be made into an awesome story game with lots of mystery and exploration. The atmosphere is creepy and the backstory made me wonder about the entire place. I want to see it expanded!

That was fun. Thanks!


It's a fun game and the clerk was funny too, this has potential for adding a lore but it is a great game

LOVED this little game! Would love a full game! here is my playthrough:


Classic creepy motel atmosphere with this game! Decent atmospher3, definitely wouldnt stay there again.

check out my video 🙂

I was not expecting any of this! I'd say this is the typical motel experience though, pretty much every motel I've been at has weirded me out so this might explain why.
I did a gameplay video (below) on this game as part of my Halloween 2022 marathon where I am uploading a spooky video each day in October!

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