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The Green Room (2023)

In the Green Room shadows whisper secrets and the mind conceals the darkest truths. Four imprisoned souls with their crimes woven into intricate puzzles. Yet, in the dance of shadows, a hidden malevolence surfaces: the protagonist, a mere vessel of societal despair, harbors a sin so profound, even their own psyche dares not confront it..


  • Obscure Horrors: Immerse yourself in an abyss of psychological terror, where reality blurs.
  • Cryptic Narratives: Untangle the cryptic web of serial killers' stories through mind-bending puzzles.
  • The Buried Sin: Explore the depths of the protagonist's subconscious, where a heinous act is veiled.
  • Suffocating Atmosphere: Feel the weight of fear in an environment filled with unspoken horrors.


Movement ~ WASD

Interact ~ E

Zoom ~ Right Click (RMB)


Descend Into the Abyss. Unravel the Mind. Enter your personal hell.

Warning: Inside the room the veil between sanity and madness is threadbare. Uncover the riddles, decipher the whispers, and confront the unspeakable. The descent is inevitable.

Art by: https://twitter.com/Musor18328506


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Version 1
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Version 1
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great game i really enjoyed it

This was a hard game to complete!

Requiring the code at the beginning has likely sent this game to many peoples trash bin.  Either you really like shooting yourself in the foot before a race or you have FAR too much faith in the average gamer.


Sorry for the late reply. I completely understand your point. The truth is, this was more of a personal / passion project of mine with ideas I wanted to implement in a game for a while now. I do understand that some of them might miss the mark however, like I said, this project is something special and completely different from my other games. Everything has some sort of symbolism behind it and the game's story and puzzles are not to be taken literally. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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Truly a great experience. I love Silent Hill like games, and it also reminded me of P.T. in some ways. The repetition of the same rooms, but changing only in some details, and the atmosphere completely captivated me. The desire to challenge the player surprised me in a positive way as well. The only thing I didn't appreciate, but this is more of a personal preference, was the final explanation that clarified everything. I would have preferred a more gradual narrative to lead the protagonist and the player to the conclusion and the solution of the puzzle. Nonetheless, a truly excellent game!

Nice game & I would like to see a longer version

Awesome game, wish there was more! 

First game I've seen that has me solving a puzzle before even starting the game. I loved it thou, the human mind is truly terrifying and to make a game out of it is pure genius. Please developer, let me know if I missed anything cause I'd be more than happy to play it again. I'm excited to see what else you have in store because that was really good.

Really cool game and I loved the puzzles.  

Amazing game i loved it. The voice overs are great, the creepy location was great and the story was great. My only problem is that it was really really dark and it was hard to see anything so maybe put in brightness settings or give the player a touch at the start of the game? 

My only issue is that it was far too dark in some spots, otherwise great game.

played this recently, graphics were great, gameplay was good, although I almost turned it off because of the bit where you click quit and the game carries on, unless this was a bug? 😂

This game was a blast to play. Loved how you had to explore the menu screen to find the code to play the game! Also loved the puzzles in this game, it’s not every day that you get an audio puzzle. Only complaint I really have with the game is that is was a bit dark, but honestly it adds to the ambiance. I played your game second in the lineup for my Half Hour Horror video.

For what this was, it was not bad. Made a video on it.

a great game, with a scary atmosphere, good job

Amazing game looking forward to play more of your games 

That little lamp has a lot of power to it at the right angle

Hello, I played this game and I enjoyed it! Good work :)


sup tommy, this was the top game in my recommended list. good job!

I will be playing this live tomorrow 11/14 around 630-7 PM EST.

Good Job

Its a bit too dark but a great game otherwise!

nice horror puzzle game. however i did experience a few glitches. Mainly the mouse cursor not leaving the screen after solving a puzzle. Good job tho

Great game, the puzzles were fun and not too difficult to work out. I found the premise of the game pretty interesting as clearly this is not your average escape room, but something unnatural as we have changing hallways and mentions of 'breaking the simulation'. Would be really cool to play a sequel and discover what really is going on. 

You did a really good job on this game!

Really good game man, it was scary all the way thought

hey! This one really rocked! It had some great puzzles and a truly eerie cinematic feel while playing. Nice job!! Following!

Great work! The puzzles were not too hard but we're certainly thought provoking, and the overall vibe was very creepy. Only ran into one game breaking bug but that's pretty common for me.

This has HUGE potential, please please please make this a full length game, i loved every second of it! The second half got me good. keep up the amazing work!

AMAZING!  If you're considering downloading this game DO IT! Absolutely loved it, I really felt vulnerable and alone and the story is so deep, how do you think of it! I made a great video on it I hope you get some laughs but TRY NOT TO LAUGH and let me know how you done ENJOY EVERYONE


very atmospheric and interesting game!
good luck in future developments))
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It's been 30 minutes now and I'm still in the first room searshing for the door code. I'm starting being used to this place where I started to feel better and better as the time pass.

Update : It's been an hour now that I'm in that room. I consider now that it is MY room and that if ANYBODY try to get my out of this place he will be my dinner ! Oh and also, my desire to just destroy this damn padlock is totally gone. This padlock will now prevent people for not come to annoy me.

It is in the room, making an audible sound.

(1 edit)

If you're talking about the clock I tried it, even with the miror. But If you're talking about the man talking in the radio it's true that I didn't really listen to what he talked about lol 

Update : I've got it thanks to my dumbass brain XD

bro what was the code im losing my mind rn lol

There is two things making noise in the room. One of these gives you the code. (It's pretty simple by the way don't try to search a difficult answer) 

It was a very impressive game with an overall horror atmosphere, puzzles, etc.! I enjoyed it immersively!

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Decent little puzzle game with a horror element to it. Puzzles for the most part were simple enough, except one that just resulted me in brute forcing it because I didn't quite get it. This definitely feels like something that needed maybe 10-15 more minutes to really flesh the story out a bit more to make it feel impactful. Overall, I had a good time with it and it was a pretty big departure from your prior titles. I hope to see more games in this style because this one shows a lot of promise.

What is the code at the beginning of the game?


I’ll hint you this much: enough can be found in the game that far to proceed through that part.

Very cool!

W game